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The holidays are soon approaching and PACis in the planning stages of a world-wide event to share a kindness with those in our community who are less fortunate than us.


Help Someone today!

What is it? It’s called “Help-Portrait”, a movement among photographers across the globe, taking portraits of people that aren’t able to afford traditional avenues of family portraiture. This could be single mothers, orphans, the lonely, the sick, the homeless. Photographers and volunteers across the globe will be finding people in need, taking, printing and delivering their picture. This year’s official event is on December 08, 2012. And, our Tempe & Phoenix area PAC volunteers will be setting up studios, taking photos, and delivering prints and smiles to those in our community.

“Give up a cup of coffee, share a cup of kindness.”  

We are asking each of you to give up the cost of a Starbuck’s coffee for ONE day to help with the cost of paper, ink, supplies and a hot cup of coffee for our guests. No donation is too small. And, the rewards will be tremendous.

Coffee Donation

We sincerely hope that you will consider sponsoring our PAC community with a donation to the funding weneed to make this happen. The donation can easily be made online and is tax deductible. And, please share this opportunity with friends and family to support those who will be working between now thru December 8 to make this happen.

Donation link  ( tax ID will be emailed to you for your records) :


Thank you in advance for helping us make dreams come true this holiday season. ♥

Kathy Whitehead
on behalf of the PAC community leaders

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